Martial Arts Programs Available in Burlingame

Tiny Tigers

Great for kids 4-5 y.o. Main goal of this class is FOCUS! We are learning how to Listen, Follow Directions, Strength and Coordination, Fun Self Defense and Sparring.

Young Dragons

6-9 y.o. USSD ATTITUDE - We teach our kids to have the Black Belt Attitude in and out of the Dojo. Among other things, that means that they are expected to be respectful at home and at school. In fact, they are not allowed to test for their next rank unless they are doing well in school and at home. At USSD Burlingame know your child will have the time of his life in our engaging program.


10 - 18 y.o. LIFE SKILLS AND CHARACTER. Exciting things happen to our teenage students. Better grades, focus in school, self respect, respect for others, confidence in life, and a solid work ethic that will translate into a successful adult life. Do you have kids going to college? Give them the tools to keep themselves safe while away from home. Have kids looking to get into a competitive school? Students that can show that they can set a goal and stick to it, such as attaining a high rank in martial arts, are very attractive to colleges. We all need a little motivation to find out what our possibilities are.Training like this takes time and dedication but it is possible to achieve for anyone who wishes to try.


A WAY OF LIFE Whatever your reason to get into Martial Arts, the experience always becomes something much greater than expected. We call it "The Magic of the Martial Arts." The Experience We put the martial artist in you. Our method makes the martial arts accessible to the inexperienced and experienced alike. We customize your training experience to match your needs, challenges, and goals. We pride ourselves on our method and we know that you will enjoy it as well.


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